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Salt is a primary ingredient required to produce numerous materials including, PVC, glass, detergents and soaps, industrial chemicals and textiles. To keep up with global demand, salt needs to be harvested in large volumes. Salt harvesters are capable of harvesting hundreds of tonnes per hour, making them highly effective and the ideal machine for this application.

The harvesting process requires two vehicles, the harvester and the truck. The harvester cuts the salt from the surface and transfers via a conveyor belt to either side of the harvester. The truck is tethered to 3 bins which travel along side of the harvester and collects the salt.

Travelling alongside each other, the two vehicles need to be in sync to ensure that all harvested material is collected. Traditionally the synchronisation process is achieved by the truck constantly making fine adjustments to the speed and setting the truck to cruise control.

To make the synchronisation process easier and convenient, the salt harvester system is integrated with HMI’s on both the harvester and the truck. The speed of each vehicle is then obtained and displayed on both HMI’s where the operator can adjust the speed to the displayed amount. The HMI’s also display the overall system status, diagnostic information and pressure values.

To ensure safety, the salt harvester system contains alarms and shutdown procedures that are triggered when a fault has occurred or the system has been misused. All alarms and faults are logged, allowing the operator to access and use when troubleshooting the system.

Pressure sensor screen contains data gathered from all pressure sensors. The data is then displayed on the gauges

The system status screen is the home screen for the system. It displays the status of the overall system

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Salt harvester dashboard
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