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Efficient Side Loader Systems for Streamlined Operations

Side loader trailer trucks are fitted with a loading system operating to one side and are mainly used for loading and transport of shipping containers. They are designed to work in narrow locations and are a convenient, efficient, and adaptable solution for container handling.

Traditionally, loading and unloading of containers required various pieces of equipment such as a reach stacker, container handler, crane or forklift to complete the transfer. Side loader trailer trucks do not require any additional equipment to load/unload containers and can be operated by a single operator. This efficiency can help to save time and reduce expenses.

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Telemation’s Side Loader System enables side loader operators to have complete control of the trailer truck’s functions and provides full system diagnostics, in real-time. Our Side Loader System consists of a controller unit, twin receivers and a customised transmitter unit.

The controller unit monitors the health of each receiver, the engine pressure and temperature. The two receivers are located at the front and rear legs of the truck with the outputs directly connected to the control valves of each leg. The sensors, which provide system feedback, are connected to the inputs of each receiver and the data collected is then passed to the controller unit via a secure CAN-Bus connection.

Additionally, engine functions (such as engine crank, engine run and engine idle-up), are integrated to the CAN-Bus connection which further increases the operator’s control over the side loader’s functions.

The customised transmitter provides feedback to the operator and allows control of the system from a safe distance while maintaining visibility.

An important safety feature of Telemation’s Side Loader System is the emergency stop button or the “E-stop”. If the E-stop is engaged, the transmitter and the machine will shut down safely, helping to prevent personal injury and equipment damage.

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Telemation’s side loader system is integrated with necessary interlocks to shut down the side loader if:

  • The front or receiver does not have a healthy connection
  • The engine pressure falls too low
  • The Emergency-Stop is engaged on the machine.

These features ensure operator safety and system integrity are maintained.

Providing full control to the operator, real-time diagnostic monitoring features and a robust safety system, makes Telemation’s Side Loader System versatile, adaptable, reliable and convenient.

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