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CCpilot VI

Freely programmable 3.5″ display
Size: 3.5″
Processor: Freescales i.MX6 SoloX
Software: Linux



CCpilot VI is a 3.5″ full-colour display featuring a Linux operating system. The open LinX software platform offers a choice of powerful tools for application development. For example you can choose to develop the Graphical User Interface in Qt. This, together with a QVGA high brightness display and hardware accelerated 2D, 3D and vector graphics, enables fast design of premium user interfaces. With 4 freely configurable, backlit soft keys, operators can interact efficiently with the system.

CCpilot VI has multifunctional capability and can be used as machine control HMI, instrumentation display, electronic manual, safety systems and much more. The advanced graphical features and multi-functional capabilities make it possible to develop a more space efficient Graphical User Interface, saving real estate and cost in the operator environment and cab.

Because it uses the same software application platform as the larger CrossControl displays, CCpilot VI is a future proof entry level display. Applications developed for it will run on the entire range of CrossControl displays, including the 5’’, 7’’ and 12’’ devices. This enables OEMs and System Suppliers to move across a range of display sizes and re-use all the software as the display solution evolves over time.

This is also valuable for OEMs that want to support a range of machines where different machine configurations require different display sizes with different areas of functionality. The user can develop a modular HMI application and deploy certain modules depending on the display size and desired functionality.



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