Automated trailer systems

Efficient and Reliable Transport with Automated Trailer Systems

Comparing to conventional dump trucks that lifts the bin at an angle to deposit material, live-bottom trailers consist of a conveyor belt located at the bottom of the bin that rolls the material in the bin at controllable rate at a horizontal angle. AMG’s trailer system is integrated with a CANOpen, Tiger transmitter and receiver combined with an EPEC control unit, that enable the user to operate the truck wirelessly.

The trailer system has control of the door functions, conveyor belt’s direction and speed control. When the system is powered on, the system checks to see if the link between receiver and the control unit healthy. If this condition is met the system becomes operable.

To prevent malfunctions and damage when depositing material, live-bottom trailers consists of a sequence. Prior to the doors of the bin being opened, the trailer first needs to unlock the door, once the door is at least partially open the conveyor belt can start and deposit the material. At the site it is difficult to constantly monitor the trailer and know at which state the trailer is in and due to human error, functions can accidentally can be triggered such as opening the door while its still locked or starting the conveyor while door is closed which can caused damage to machine.

To resolve this issue AMG implemented the system with the appropriate interlocks that always makes sure that functions can be enabled only when it is safe to do so. The transmitter display shows the operator of the current status of the trailer and the LEDs located at each function shows the operator which functions are operable therefore, the trailer doors can only be open if the doors are first unlocked and the conveyor can start once the door is fully or partially open.

This design ensures that the right sequence is followed when operating the trailer system which prevents the system from malfunction and damage and maintains the safety of the operator and the machine.

T11 Tiger Transmitter
R4 Tiger Receiver
EPEC 3610 Control Unit
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