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Inxpect Smart Sensors

Inxpect sensors are innovative devices that use radar technology to detect the presence of humans and objects in industrial environments. They are designed to improve safety and efficiency in applications such as robotics, machinery, and automated systems. Inxpect sensors have a high level of reliability and performance, as they are certified with SIL 2 and PLd ratings according to the international standards for functional safety.

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Typical Case Uses

Protection from access to dangerous areas

Anti-collision systems for bridge cranes

Prevention of robot workcell restart


Prevention of access to loading areas with independent motion systems (MIR)

Works where optical sensors fail

Optical devices often fail in the presence of dust, smoke, water or swarf generated by production processes. The Inxpect team is highly specialized in radar technology, and has designed sophisticated FMCW radar algorithms capable of filtering these types of disturbances to reduce false alarms and increase productivity.

Inxpect Product Range