Conveyor Belt System

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Belt conveyors are widely used across several industries as a means of moving bulk material. They are beneficial over other methods of transfer as they operate at low cost, have no damaging impact to the material and can function at variable elevations.

conveyor belt system

Using a Transmitter, Receiver and Variable Speed Driver (VSD), the Belt Conveyor System is designed to allow wireless control of any belt conveyor. All primary functions of the conveyor are triggered by digital inputs sent from the Transmitter to the Receiver, these include:

  • Feed Roller Controls
  • Leg Controls
  • Conveyor Controls

Additional functions, such as Speed Control and Roller Direction sent from the Transmitter are controlled by the Modbus outputs of the Receiver, integrated with the VSD device to execute the functions.

All operations of the Belt Conveyor System are integrated to the Receiver which allows for wired or wireless control options.

Conveyor belt remote control system
T11 Tiger Transmitter
R4 Tiger Receiver
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