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Revolutionise your dust suppression and fire prevention with Telemation’s water truck system

Due to the hot and dry climate in Australia, mining and construction sites are often filled with dust. This can create a hazardous working environment and can potentially contaminate equipment. The dry conditions means the soil moisture levels are extremely low and increase the risk of fire incidents occurring at the site.

Water trucks are used to eliminate these issues at the work site. They are used to dampen the soil to suppress dust and to make the soil easier for compaction. During fire incidents, water trucks are sometimes called upon to dampen the area to prevent fire spreading.

Telemation’s water truck system uses custom software programmed to the HMI, 12-button keypad and an EPEC control unit to control and monitor the water truck. The operation page displays the water-level, emergency stop status, oil level, door open/close and parking brake status in real-time. The operation page is also used to activate each of the spray functions and the lights.

The cannon page gives full control over the cannon function by letting the user control the direction and the activation of the cannon. The cannon page also displays the water level in real-time

The diagnostics page displays the live status of all the functions of the water truck, the activated functions and the voltage and temperature of the control unit.

Highway mode and the pump of the truck can be controlled by their respective pages.

The water-truck system is also integrated to work with all android devices giving full control of the trucks functions and displaying all diagnostic information allowing the truck to be controlled remotely from the site.

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Revolutionise your mining and construction operations with Telemation’s advanced water truck system

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