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Drill rigs are used to create holes in the earth’s surface to extract raw materials such as natural gas, crude oil, and water. They are enormous, complex machines, and having them functioning properly at all times is critical to successful mining operations.

Due to their complexity, however, it can be difficult for drill rig operators to monitor the status of every function during use. If not properly monitored, the equipment’s components can be misused or fail with often considerable consequences.

Failure of this primary piece of equipment has the potential to injure operators, disrupt the chain of operation, delay projects and incur significant repair and lost time costs.

Telemation was engaged by a mining company to improve oversight of drill rig machinery operation and components and reduce instances of drill rig failure.

To do this, Telemation integrated the machinery with sensors to monitor each component, from downhole air pressure and mast inclination to engine temperature. The data that is produced is then processed and displayed in real time on a Human-Machine Interface (also known as a dashboard that connects a person to a machine or system or device).

Having instant visibility over these functions ensures the operator is continuously aware of the status of the drill rig’s functions and can predict or mitigate failures well in advance. This allows for timely, scheduled equipment servicing, supports machine longevity, and keeps maintenance costs low.

Next, the Telemation team installed four separate PUMA transmitters to improve control over the drill rigs and help simplify its complex operation. The transmitters also feature interlocks and safety features, as reduced rotation and feed control when cage is opened, to support safe operation of the drill rigs, prevent injury risks and minimize the impact of down-time to the business.

Telemation’s system integration ensures critical mining equipment can achieve peak performance during operation. Our sensors and transmitters support safe, reliable and efficient operation on site, every time.

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