IoT automated solutions

Real-world success stories of IoT solutions in action

Drilling equipment telematics

A drilling equipment OEM has realised an advanced telematics solution where CrossLink TG is used for monitoring the operation of the entire vehicle system, performing deep data mining and computation. The system uses Enterprise Connect to support the OEM’s Service and Maintenance business, including trouble shooting and distributing software upgrades remotely. Smart Connect is used for providing access to vehicle data in the vicinity of the equipment.

Tool implement control system

An implement OEM uses the CCpilot VI display, a controller and a joystick in a dedicated control system for the implement. System usage and production data like handled weights are logged in the CCpilot VI and pushed to the OEM’s bespoke cloud system with Smart Connect. The cloud solution includes service and maintenance support for the implement.

Truck tipping system

The provider of these tipping hydraulics system offers  truck OEM, the fleet owners and themselves the ability to monitor the tipping hydraulics and functionality including weights handled and operations outside of the system specification. The system uses CrossFire IX, Smart Connect and Enterprise Connect.

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