Rod picker system

Rod Pickers set new standards for ease-of-use, versatility, and safety. With the Assent automated Rod Picker System, the process of loading the rod from the bottom tray into the rod loader is automated, meaning only one operator is needed from start to finish and is fully controlled using TeleRadio products.

Due to the amount of moving parts, this process needs to be efficient and accurate for smooth operation.

The Telemation Rod Picker System uses a Tiger receiver and transmitter along with an EPEC control unit to achieve accurate, efficient and safe operations.

This allows the operator to handle the rod picker from an optimal viewing angle and position whilst remaining in full control.

To prevent machine misuse, operator hazards and equipment damage, the Rod Picker System is implemented with safety protocols such as:

      • Interlocks – To ensure the system functions can only be operated when specified conditions are met.
      • DMG – To prevent un-intentional or accidental use of functions, the DMG must be held to perform the function.
      • Warning Alerts– To notify the user that a fault has occurred and which machine function needs attention.
      • Shutdown sequence – To stop the machine processes when a severe fault has occurred.

This system can be used either manually or automatically from start to finish using the transmitter. Because of this it is important to have very accurate protocols in place to manage any possible errors. A HUD is used to show which operations are currently being used, as well as any errors that have occurred within the system.

R4 Tiger Receiver
T12 Tiger Transmitter
EPEC 3606 Control Unit
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