Cone crusher system

Revolutionise your crushing operations with our advanced cone crusher system

Cone Crushers are highly effective for crushing applications required primarily in the mining industry. Cone crushers produce a larger amount of refined material than other types of crusher and have the ability to safely remove uncrushable materials from the chamber using their hydraulic release capabilities. Cone crushers are ideal for intermediate and fine crushing after primary crushing.

The Cone Crusher System was designed to provide complete control of the cone crushers functions and diagnostic monitoring in real-time.

To prevent machine misuse, operator hazards and equipment damage, the Telemation Cone Crusher System is implemented with safety protocols such as:

  • Interlocks – To ensure the system functions can only be operated when specified conditions are met.
  • DMG – To prevent un-intentional or accidental use of functions.
  • Warning alarms – To notify the user that a fault has occurred and which machine function needs attention.
  • Shutdown sequence – To stop the machine processes when a severe fault has occurred.

The Cone Crusher System is designed to be the hub of the machine. Giving full control capability while providing all live monitoring diagnostic information makes the cone crusher powerful, versatile and convenient.

Cone crusher automated system
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