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Our frequently asked questions will help to answer some pre sales questions about our customised automation solutions

Automation is taking a task or procedure that is currently being performed manually, or physically, and computerizing it with customized hardware and software. It can also mean upgrading or modernizing existing plant or equipment. Automating machinery and processes allows customers to increase productivity, while lowering costs.

Telematics are an easy way to monitor onsite equipment and immediately access maintenance history, repair reports and other data that can inform your operations.

Many businesses across multiple sectors are now looking to telematics for a primary function of equipment tracking and maintenance.

Data logging for different machinery offers users a database of information, about how, when and by whom it is used.

Analysing this data, maintenance managers can prevent unexpected failures, extend the equipment’s product lifecycle, and ensure quality control knowing that your equipment is working as it should.

Telematics can be used to monitor fuel consumption, which allows businesses to claim fuel tax rebates or just to limit costs.

Our clientele includes, Mining, Manufacturing, Construction, Transport and Logistics, Utilities, Mobile and Hydraulics application, Emergency and Recovery Vehicles to name a few.

It all starts with an objective and method.

With an overview of your business requirements for your automation project, TELEMATION can convert these into an equipment proposal to meet your needs. On time and on budget.


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