Being at the forefront of innovation means being able to design and engineering a solution for your business. With over 50 years of combined industry experience, this is how Telemation integrated solutions to various machines and systems.


Trailer System

Comparing to conventional dump trucks that lifts the bin at an angle to deposit material, live-bottom trailers consist of a conveyor belt located at the bottom of the bin that rolls the material in the bin at controllable rate at a horizontal angle. AMG’s trailer system is integrated with a CANOpen, Tiger transmitter and receiver combined with an EPEC control unit, that enable the user to operate the truck wirelessly.

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light tanker system

Light Tanker

Bush fire incidents that occurs at regional areas and gazetted fire districts, light tankers provide the incident with the first response. Due to their smaller size and light weight, light tankers are quick and agile making them highly efficient at arriving to the incident within a brief amount of time.

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internet of things

IoT Systems

A drilling equipment OEM has realised an advanced telematics solution where CrossLink TG is used for monitoring the operation of the entire vehicle system, performing deep data mining and computation. The system uses Enterprise Connect to support the OEM’s Service and Maintenance business, including trouble shooting and distributing software upgrades remotely.

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Water Truck

Due to the hot and dry climate in Australia, mining and construction sites are often filled with dust. This can create a hazardous working environment and can potentially contaminate equipment. The dry conditions means the soil moisture levels are extremely low and increase the risk of fire incidents occurring at the site.

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Cone Crusher

Cone Crushers are highly effective for crushing applications required primarily in the mining industry. Cone crushers produce a larger amount of refined material than other types of crusher and have the ability to safely remove uncrushable materials from the chamber using their hydraulic release capabilities. Cone crushers are ideal for intermediate and fine crushing after primary crushing.

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Salt harvester icon

Salt Harvester

Salt is a primary ingredient required to produce numerous materials including, PVC, glass, detergents and soaps, industrial chemicals and textiles. To keep up with global demand, salt needs to be harvested in large volumes. Salt harvesters are capable of harvesting hundreds of tonnes per hour, making them highly effective and the ideal machine for this application.

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Mobile seed conveyor

Mobile Seed Conveyor

Preserving the quality of the grain post-harvest is challenging. Once harvested, the grains are exposed to contaminants and impurities which present a high risk of the grains being spoiled and damaged. In addition, many types of grain are highly susceptible to damage when being moved due to poor handling.

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remote conveyor belt

Conveyor Belt System

Belt conveyors are widely used across several industries as a means of moving bulk material. They are beneficial over other methods of transfer as they operate at low cost, have no damaging impact to the material and can function at variable elevations.

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Side Loader System

Side loader trailer trucks are fitted with a loading system operating to one side and are mainly used for loading and transport of shipping containers. They are designed to work in narrow locations and are a convenient, efficient, and adaptable solution for container handling.

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drill rig system

Drill Rig System

Drill rigs are used to create holes in the earth’s surface to extract raw materials such as natural gas, crude oil, and water. They are enormous, complex machines, and having them functioning properly at all times is critical to successful mining operations.

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Rod Picker icon

Rod Picker System

Rod Pickers set new standards for ease-of-use, versatility, and safety. With the Assent automated Rod Picker System, the process of loading the rod from the bottom tray into the rod loader is automated, meaning only one operator is needed from start to finish and is fully controlled using TeleRadio products.

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