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CCpilot X1400

The CCpilot X1400 is designed to meet the toughest requirements and excel even in the most demanding applications.



It is based on an Intel i5-8400H quad core CPU which features a
very powerful GPU for smooth rendering. It has the performance to be a truly multipurpose on-board computer for advanced HMI and business logics functionality.

With its optically bonded 14.1″ widescreen display it provides plenty of GUI real estate, enabling running multiple applications concurrently side-by-side. The x86 architecture and Windows 10 operating system means that system developers can utilise all the powerful toolchains, software components and 3rd party applications available in the Windows domain.

The CCpilot X1400 fully supports a wide variety of modern and next generation graphics APIs and frameworks, making it possible to realize advanced systems without the limitations or restrictions you get with leaner hardware. It utilises two accessible CFAST storage slots for in-field expandability, video recording, encryption and storage upgrades. It can also integrate 3rd party peripherals over USB 3.1, like high resolution cameras and other advanced peripherals that require high bandwidth.

With its vast software capabilities and state-of-the art hardware, the CCpilot X1400 brings the power and flexibility of a complete desktop framework to the cab of your mobile machine.



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